Tuesday, March 26, 2019


are a team of various like minded individuals who met each other in various marketing forums and social media websites.  A team of 7 people with our own unique specialties including graphics design, video editing, marketing, web design and search engine optimization.  The one thing the brought us together was our shared appreciation for the darknet and deep web, especially for the ideas behind that darknet marketplaces such as AlphaBay Market, Abraxas, and of course the Agora Marketplace.

After months of chatting online we decided to pool our skills and resources together and build websites as our dedication to our favorite marketplaces.  We began last month and have been having an absolute blast doing it.  Our primary goal is to offer accurate information about the darknet marketplaces, dispel rumors and above all else help keep people safe from LE through knowledge and information.

We will not beat around the bush, or try and deceive you, We have no interest in hiding this fact

We will not beat around the bush, or try and deceive you, We have no interest in hiding this fact. Our Second Priority is to earn as much affiliate revenue as possible.  Many already know that the invitation URL is a registration link.  For anyone that registers on a darknet marketplace through a website link or URL and spends money, a portion goes to the person who gave you that link.  Whether it’s in a forum, a website, or a spam blog.  It’s why most do it, and we will never try to mislead you by saying other wise or trying to hide that fact.  However, unlike most trying to earn that affiliate revenue, we have plans for ours.  Since we all live professional lives and earn a moderate living income, our affiliate earnings are split 50/50.  50% of our earnings will go to fund server costs and site maintenance, as well as future related projects.

Most importantly, 50% of our affiliate revenue will be donated to various causes.  We plan on eventually building a page where YOU can vote from a list of non-profit causes where those earnings will go.  Since the amount earned is very, very, very small, we will make our donations every 3 months.  Our first planned donation will be delivered to DanceSafe.  The work that organization does is incredible, and important.  We of course will provide ample proof of our donations on this and our other websites when the time comes.

If you have any questions for our team, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.  We are always happy to help and are quick to respond.  Please visit our contact page for any questions or suggestions.

– Team Darknet SEO