AlphaBay Market Get’s a New Look

AlphaBay Market surprises users with a new and fresh look.

Alpha Bay Market Gets a New Look for 2015

AlphaBay Market’s New Look

November 18th, 2015 AlphaBay Market users may have been concerned when they noticed something looked a bit different when they logged into their go to marketplace on the darknet.  No, AlphaBay did not get hacked and No, you did not log in to a phishing site by mistake.  AlphaBay decided to update their website with a massive design change, and it looks simply amazing.

Websites on the darknet have a tendency to hold the look and feel of an outdated geocities website from 1998, but AlphaBay has always been on their A game when it comes to looking as close to a professional website as possible (which they definitely are).  However the new layout looks incredible and will hopefully payoff in the long run as far as attracting new customers.

Everything from the login page, to the product pages and dashboard have been restyled and with Abraxas making a disappearing act the timing couldn’t be better.  Just check out some of our screenshots from taken today of the new setup.

AlphaBay Market Dashboard 2016
AlphaBay Market Dashboard
AlphaBay Market Product Page 2016
AlphaBay Market Product Page 2016

What better way to bring in the new year, than with a stunning, fresh new look?  Even the AlphaBay Market Official Forum has undergone a visual update.

AlphaBay Market New 2016 look


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