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    Bitcoin Blender Tutorial


    Bitcoin Blender URL (Free to Register) http://bitblendervrfkzr.onion/?r=40794

    What is Bitcoin Tumbling?

    Bitcoin tumbling is the method of mixing pieces of your bitcoins with other peoples bitcoins.  This adds an additional layer of privacy to your bitcoins and transactions by making it more difficult to track on the block chain.  There are several bitcoin tumbling services available but the most popular and trusted of those bitcoin tumbling services is Bitcoin Blender.  Without using a bitcoin tumbling service such as Bitcoin Blender you can still be traced to the transactions you have made online with your bitcoin.


    How to use Bitcoin Blender Bitcoin Tumbling Service

    Step 1.) Finding the Bitcoin Blender Service Website

    First make sure you have the Tor Browser downloaded and installed on your computer.  If you havnt already done so you can follow the video tutorial here.  Once that is completed follow this link to register for a free Bitcoin Blender account.  If you are using Tor to view this website you can click on the link directly, or if on a regular browser copy and paste this link into the Tor Browser URL Bar.  http://bitblendervrfkzr.onion/?r=40794

    Once you arrive at the Bitcoin Blender website you will notice a few tabs on the top.  The last two are “Register” and “Quick Mix”.  Quick Mix is a interesting feature that allows you to quickly and easily mix your bitcoins without registering for a Bitcoin Blender account.  But for the sake of this tutorial we will click on the “Register”.

    Bitcoin Blender URL


    Step 2.) Creating your Bitcoin Blender Account

    Now that you are on the register page you can go ahead and create a Bitcoin Blender account by filling in the blank text fields.  As with Darknet Markets, we suggest picking a username that you have never used before as well as a long, difficult and original password.  Make sure to either memorize your log in credentials or store them in a safe place.  If you happen to lose your log in credentials Bitcoin Blender can not help you access your account and you will lose any bitcoins stored in that Bitcoin Blender wallet.

    Bitcoin Blender Register


    Step 3.) Sending your Bitcoins to Bitcoin Blender

    If you would like you can add another layer of security be clicking the profile tab and setting up a PGP Public Key for Two Factor Authentication.  The profile page is also where you can change your current password.  However in most cases your account will be fine as long as you use a strong password from the beginning.  

    If you do not want to set up a 2FA and are happy with your current password go ahead and navigate to the “Deposit” tab.  In order to use Bitcoin Blender you will need to deposit your bitcoins from your wallet or AlphaBay Market wallet to your Bitcoin Blender account.  On this deposit page you should see the bitcoin address you will send your bitcoins to.  If you do not see the address or would like to generate a fresh address you can click the button that says “Get new deposit address” and it will instantly generate a new address for you.  This is the address you will send your bitcoins to so double check to make sure its correct.  If you send your bitcoins to a different address you may lose them forever.

    You can now go ahead and send the bitcoins you would like to mix to the Bitcoin Blender Deposit key.  It may take 15 minutes to an hour for your coins to appear in your Bitcoin Blender account.  Most users claim it takes about 20 to 30 minutes on average.  To see if your bitcoins are in your Bitcoin Blender account you can refresh the page.  If the bitcoins are available you will see them in the balance displayed at the top of the page next to your user name.

    Bitcoin Blender does collect a random fee between 1% and 3% of your deposited bitcoins total value.  Small price to pay for a crucial layer of protection.

    Optional: AFTER the bitcoins have appeared in your Bitcoin Blender account you can delete your deposit address by clicking the X next to that address.  This is optional, however many people use a fresh address every time they send funds to their Bitcoin Blender account.

    Bitcoin Blender Deposit Form


    Step 4.) Withdrawing your Tumbled Bitcoins to your Bitcoin Wallet

    Once your balance shows your deposited bitcoins are available we can go ahead and move on to the final step, withdrawing your clean/tumbled bitcoins. Go ahead and click the “Withdraw” tab.

    On the withdraw page you will see two depositing options.  The top one allows you to immediately withdraw your tumbled bitcoins to your wallet while the bottom option is the Automatic Withdraw.  The Automatic Withdraw allows you to set you one or more withdraw addresses and Bitcoin Blender will automatically send your tumbled bitcoins four times a day at random time intervals.  For this tutorial we will use the top option.

    Bitcoin Blender offers a few important optional features to provide an overall safer and more anonymous transaction by eliminating any footprints you may leave behind.  Since its possible to trace the bitcoin address of a single transaction we highly recommend using these additional features.  These additional features are timed deposits and the option to use up to ten different withdraw addresses.

    First go to your personal bitcoin wallet and generate 6 to 10 different receiving addresses to send your tumbled bitcoins from Bitcoin Blender.  Once that is finished go ahead and copy and paste all of the address into the Bitcoin Blender making sure there is only one address per line.  Using multiple addresses makes it extremely difficult, if not impossible to trace your bitcoins.  Then in the Bitcoin Blender enter in the amount of bitcoins you would like to transfer to your personal bitcoin wallet.  Now fill out the 2 text fields in the Randomized Delay section.  Randomized Delays is the third and equally important security option the Bitcoin Blender provides and allows you to send your bitcoins to your wallet with a random amount of time between each withdraw.  Each number equals one hour so if you are sending your bitcoins to 6 bitcoin receiving addresses, enter 1 in the first box and 5 in the second box it will send a portion of the bitcoins to your wallet 6 different times with 1 to 5 hours in-between each withdraw.  We feel that 0-1 hour is sufficient in most cases.

    Bitcoin Blender to Bitcoin Wallet

    Once the randomized delays and withdraw addresses have been entered and double checked for accuracy you can go ahead and click the “Send Bitcoins” button.  Your bitcoins will now begin withdrawing from Bitcoin Blender and appearing in your personal Bitcoin wallet.  Your bitcoins have now been fully tumbled and are safe to use or withdraw without the risk of tying you to your transaction history.

    Bitcoin Blender Final Conclusion

    As you can see Bitcoin Blender remains the most popular bitcoin tumbler due to its simplicity, accuracy, low cost and important security features that help keep your bitcoin history private.  This is why we only recommend our readers to use Bitcoin Blender.


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