Is Dream Market Selective Scamming?


Dream Market turned into one of the most popular marketplaces within the dark web when the top 2 marketplaces, AlphaBay and also Hansa, were removed by law enforcement authorities over the summer season.

Customers were left searching for an alternative platform to continue their operations doing Bitcoin transactions and also buying numerous illicit products on the dark web.

When handling websites and also provider that are not legitimately acknowledged by the federal government, there are several problems that customers have to encounter daily.

The most notorious of them all is when an internet site shuts down without action; customers can just assume that it was removed by law enforcement authorities.

Dream Market’s DDoS Related Downtime

Just Recently, Dream Market went dark suddenly and users were in a frenzy to recognize exactly what happened on the service provider’s side.

Many people conclude that when sites fold without any notice, it obviously describes an exit scam.

The exit scam is an infamous method used by marketplaces around the dark web, where they take adequate Bitcoins or various other cryptocurrency funds from users to abscond at an unforeseen point without further explanation.

When any internet site would certainly decrease with no description, it is the obvious conclusion that users would involve.

Specifically necessarily, the dark web is an area where you do not obtain any kind of guarantee about when your cash money would go missing yet the actual tale behind this short-lived shutdown of Dream Market was something else.

A couple of hours later on, agents of the marketplace surfaced on the popular social discussion forum site Reddit.

Reddit is just one of the few internet sites where darknet dealers surface once in a while to share their version of the tale.

When administrators of Dream Market took to Reddit, the team verified that the web site went offline since of a difficult drive accident.

It is supposed to be their primary hard drive which crashed and also caused a crucial wallet documents obtaining damaged.

When individuals browsed the web once again as well as logged into the site, they found that a number of their Bitcoin funds were missing out on in the panel.

Based upon the team’s description, this has actually been caused as a result of the damaged wallet data.

The team has validated that they are checking into the issue and also will certainly bring back the wallet equilibrium as it was previously.

There might be some problems originally but the admins are positive that they will eventually be able to sort points out in due time.

Dream Support Claims No Wrongdoing

The most crucial message the group behind Dream Market wants all users to recognize is that they never took users’ Bitcoins.

They say they never had such intents, as well as the whole issue took place due to an unanticipated hard disk drive crash.

In order to repair points and bring them back to normal, there have been periodic shutdowns of the site for a few mins– which constantly causes customers get panicked.

As confirmed in their official Reddit page as well as by other users, this is absolutely nothing to worry about because in order to deal with the corrupt wallet file, along with retrieve all the info, they have to undoubtedly shut the website down from time to time.

It’s component of their upkeep procedure.


Is the Site Under FBI Control? No, don’t be an idiot

While the company continues to claim that whatever is great and they are back to procedure, customarily, a strong percent of individuals strongly think that the website is now under FBI control.

The uncertainty is that Dream Market is being operated by the law enforcement agencies to discover exactly what type of illegal goods people could get utilizing Bitcoin and to additionally nab offenders that purchase such products with correct evidence.

Dream Market is the only remaining populous darknet market to trade items or services over the dark web.

The suspicious tasks on the site as well as wallets being emptied all of a sudden have pushed great deals of users to log off their accounts.

The marketplace may not reach the significant appeal as well as depend on it enjoyed for the past few years, however it may stay operational if it is still run by the original admins, as they claim to do so.

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