WARNING: Malware Disguised as Free Darknet Guide eBook

A Free eBook claiming to be a how to guide on staying safe and anonymous on the darknet may actually be destructive malware.

Darknet EBook

Reddit has been buzzing with warnings about a eBook file that has been making its rounds online masquerading as a free guide to using the darknet when in reality its a delivery system for ransom-ware.  The e-book claims to teach novice users on how to properly navigate the darknet and make purchases using bitcoin while maintaining anonymity to protect the user.  This is a hot topic among the internet savvy crowed showing interest in popular darknet marketplaces such as the AlphaBay Market.  It’s no surprise that countless web surfers have already downloaded a copy of this infected eBook which places both their computer and bitcoin stash at serious risk.

It should be common sense to use extreme caution when downloading free files from the internet, especially ones based on the topic of the darknet.  Most already know that downloading a pdf can cause havoc and are savvy enough to know better when a mysterious email arrives in their inbox with a shady attachment.  However too many internet users don’t think twice when it comes to downloading such a file directly from the internet.  According to Reddit users this free darknet how-to guide originated in Reddit itself, popping up in various darknet related sub-reddits throughout the last week, possibly already infecting hundreds or even thousands of users.  One major alarming bit of information is that scanning the file in the popular anti-virus website virus-total shows the file to be safe and clean of any malicious infections.  Though this is not new, as many more recent nefarious malware can appear safe even to the most advanced antivirus software, including ransom-ware and even the mega botnet malware known as Zeus.

The creators of the infected file are clearly targeting darknet users most likely to gain access to their darknet market accounts and online bitcoin wallets.  As of now their is no current reliable information regarding the best way to scan or clean a computer that has been infected by this rogue eBook, but when that information surfaces we will make sure to update this article with the proper steps to take for those who may have already downloaded the file.  The best approach for those who have not is to simply steer clear of any downloads claiming to be a user guide.  Users interested in learning how to navigate the darknet and darknet markets such as the AlphaBay are better off following the numerous how to guides and video tutorials found on several websites, including AlphaBayMarket.net.

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