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Darknet Market Firearms Vendors CherryFlavor and WorldWideArms Busted in Altanta GA

Darknet Market Firearms Vendors CherryFlavor WorldWideArms arrested

A pair of Atlanta residents face severe federal government charges in relation to running an illegal firearm smuggling ring internationally with the use of darknet markets.

Federal agents are accusing 28 year old Gerren Johnson from Austell, Ga. and the 29 year old William Jackson from E. Point, Ga. have been utilizing the TOR service in order to sell firearms to over a dozen countries outside of the United States.

“Relying on the anonymity of the internet, these defendants hoped to circumvent federal firearms laws,” said the US Attorney John Horn in regards to the case.

The US court documents claim that beginning in June 2013 the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF),along with several additional government agencies launched an investigation into firearms smuggling operations that the two suspects had been accessing the Darknet Market known as the Blackmarket Reloaded or BMR. The two men had been conducting their business under usernames “CherryFlavor” and “WorldWide Arms”. The investigation further showed that the two darknet vendors allegedly had sold several firearms to people outside the United States.

Special Agent Wayne Dixie of the ATF said “Organized criminal groups often rely on the availability of weapons to carry out their activities; thus, the market for illegal firearms around the world,”.

Trace interviews, Federal search warrants are what allegedly connected each of the firearms recovered from original purchasers in the Atlanta area, to the two darknet market vendors.

After a buyer purchased one of the firearms off the darknet market, the guns would then be hidden inside electronic devices and shipped off to the buyer in countries such as the UK, Australia or Canada. The firearms would initially be obtained legally using a website called “OutDoorTraders” then sold illegally over a darknet market and shipped out of the US through BlackMarketReloaded and other Darknet Markets operating at the time like Utopia and Agora Market.

The agents also uncovered some of the shipping information for over 50 parcels suspected of transporting the firearms and has since shared the obtained information with authorities in Sweden, Austria, Denmark, Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Germany, Ireland, France, and the Netherlands.

The two men have been indicted by a federal grand jury as of May 3rd.

Sherman Jackson and Brendan Person, of the CherryFlavor group have also been arrested along with other undisclosed members affiliated with the group selling firearms on the Darknet Markets.

Over 2 Million German Citizens Access and Use the Darknet

Half of Germany Uses the Darknet

May 8, 2017, the Frankfurt public prosecutor spoke about the darknet and raised more questions regarding law enforcement’s job in policing concealed services. He admitted the line between offense and free speech was undeniably hard to recognize. While enabling nearly-unrestricted Tor accessibility could save police resources and shield journalists, it may enable offense amounts to go unchecked, he clarified.

As well as the opposite argument, potentially just as poor, carries a risk of equivalent weight. Those using the darknet for actions he considered legal would probably endure with no safe environment to be a whistleblower” And offenders, as always, would discover a way to do just what they were doing before law enforcement intervention.

He explained that a few of the best hanging fruit came from darknet firearm dealers. He added they were neither professionals nor offenders and sometimes made basic dealers would meet up with law enforcement after creating a connection online. And, of course subsequent to both parties: undercover law enforcement officers as well as the weapons vendor(s) would come to an understanding in regards to the important points of the trade.

“Frequently, we’re coping with quite low spirited individuals, who even meet with us personally, after whom we’ve ordered weapons” May said. “We then utilize the Leniency Notice.”

Andreas May, the Frankfurt public prosecutor who spoke in regards to this issue, clarified the darknet, in his expertise, was really modest in size in comparison to the clearnet. Global, he explained, just 2 million individuals used the darknet, counting both legal and illegal action. In Germany, almost 50% of Tor users (oronion voyagers in any kind) used concealed services for prohibited action.

The German-speaking darknet users who participated in prohibited action frequently perpetrated just minor offenses, yet. These, he explained, seldom evoked law enforcement’s participation. The accurate criminals” covered their tracks much more effectively than the stupid offenders” He said that there is essentially nothing that might be achieved with regard to the educated users associated with the generate areas of the darknet—drug markets, for example.

He clarified that, like we’ve found in several German weapon instances, sellers in many cases are quite prone to deliver their stores.” It happens, maybe most deeply, in the instance of of the seller behind Munich Gunman’s pistol purchase. He worked with police officers to get a significant quantity of time following his arrest He gave them encryption keys and accessibility to his apparatus. He even brought them to your cache of weapons which he kept concealed in a woods.

Hyperion, the global law enforcement measures against dark web offenders

Darknet Hyperion

Not all of the number of communications under Upstream is being abandoned. After considerable evaluation of the program and available technology, NSA has determined that its Section 702 international intelligence surveillance activities will no longer comprise any upstream web communications that are exclusively about” a foreign intelligence target. Instead, this surveillance will now be limited to just those communications which are directly to” or from” a foreign intelligence target,” the NSA said in its statement. Set of communications which can be solely about” a foreign intelligence target may still be being gathered under Executive Order 12333

Sweden, much like the rest of the planet, fights to stop drug traffickers from using the postal system as a personal tool. And according to your local news outlet, Dagenssamhlle.se, the biggest obstacle in the path of preventing such drug trafficking is the postal law itself The Postal Services Act—according to Lars Lustig, the author of the paper—neglected support law enforcement in any traditional way. The law, he explained, geared toward helping the postal workers and authorities in 1993.

German authorities had a recent issue with counterfeit euros in the nation. The German Federal Police Office announced the phony bills circulated at an all time high in 2016. The growing popularity of dark internet marketplaces could be listed among the reasons why there were so many counterfeit euros in the nation (and in other states too). Based on the German news outlet , the Brandenburg police reported that parts of Germany had seen a decline in the use of fraudulent bills.

This is the reason we now use what we call TLCE, Time Locked In Money Escrow,” an Outlaw admin wrote in an e-mail. This system is combined with our already existing Vendor Marketplace-Leave Insurance (VMEI) plus a new Satisfaction Guarantee (SG).” The admin continued to clarify that, instead of using manual actions and choices, payments to the seller now rely on a system using statistical data to ensure objectivity and really as much as you possibly can.”

Gerlinde Mair, the Head of Drug Assist in Augsburg, said that she attributed the upsurge in overdoses to new drugs, bath salts, and herbal mixtures” She clarified the scenario, when looking at 2017, just appeared worse. Law enforcement struggled to keep the new drugs off the streets—they operated with their hands tied behind their back.” When a drug or research compound—the name used for quasi-legal drugs—became prohibited, manufacturers tweaked the molecule only enough to make it legal again The chemists remained one step ahead of the police as they readily produced synthetic drugs,” she explained.

Let us take a look at that which we have in the portfolio. Starting from the top, we’ve got general information relative to the coins we are currently holding. First the screen currency of the portfolio (which can be altered at any time. Then we possess the Acquisition Cost” which is the cost you paid for all of the coins in the portfolio. The Realized P/L” is relative to coins you have already sold and how much you made/lost with them after selling (thus the realized”). Then, you have the Profit/Loss”, which can be how much you really win/loss in case you sold now. The Holdings” are the collective value of your holdings. The 24H Gain/Loss” is the profit/losses produced in the last 24 hours.

Soylent and WiedenKennedy’s joint attempt to launch a dark web store specifically for technology-savvy and bitcoin users could be seen as an endeavor to recover the brand from negative press and secure a large marketplace share within the technology-savvy consumer base in order to steadfastly keep up an active user base for mid and long term increase.

According to official court files, the defendant purchased (most perhaps from a seller on the dark web) 30 liters of GBL between September 30, 2015, and December 20, 2016. The Jnkping man allegedly used GBL, or gamma-Butyrolactone, to create GHB, which he sold to customers on dark internet marketplaces. He produced at least 60 liters of GHB, and spread 50 liters of the material to dark web buyers, authorities advice said. Additionally, researchers asserted the suspect sold 19.4 grams of marijuana, 110 tablets Lyrica (Pregabalin), and four grams of MDMA, and 12 deciliters of GBL when he was active on the dark web. Police estimate the overall sales value of the narcotics the man both dispersed and kept at his home to be at least 260,000 SEK (about 29,000 USD).

During the raid at 417 North Loma Vista Circle in Mesa, heavily armed SWAT team members, representatives in the task force, and even an armored vehicle were present. When asked, the landlord of the apartment told law enforcement authorities that Costanzo has lived there by himself for in regards to a year.

House Bill 2417 defines blockchain technology as a, distributed ledger technology which runs on the distributed, decentralized, shared and duplicated ledger, which might be public or private, permissioned or permissionless, or driven by tokenized crypto economics or tokenless. The data on the ledger is shielded with cryptography, is immutable and auditable and offers an uncensored truth.” The proposed legislation defines a smart contract as, an event-driven application, with state, that runs on a distributed, decentralized, shared and reproduced ledger and that will take custody over and instruct transfer of assets on this ledger.”

– Minimal security: although the protocol was created to constrain the payout available for every player, it might likewise require players to provide added upfront cash (in the kind of a collateral deposit), which will be repaid to reliable parties.

Boston Police Superintendent Paul Fitzgerald said in a letter to Police Commissioner Evans that, The capabilities proposed by the vendors transcend the services the Section seeks to utilize.” Authorities Superintendent Fitzgerald also urged that Commissioner Evans seek new suggestions that, better identify technology that’ll fit the department’s needs.” In November of 2016, Commissioner Evans said in an interview with Boston Public Radio the applications the section was seeking is, a crucial tool of law enforcement and helps in keeping our neighborhoods safe from violence, in addition to terrorism, human trafficking, and young kids who might be the victim of a pedophile.” Previously, the Boston Police Department had contracted with Geofeedia to monitor the net from January 2015 until May 2016.

Hello Freedom Hosting II, you’ve been hackedWe are disappointed… This is an excerpt from your own front page ‘we’ve a zero tolerance policy to child pornography.’ — but what we found while searching through your server is more than 50% child porn… Furthermore you host many scam websites, some of which are evidently run by yourself to cover hosting your files have now been copied and your database has been dumped. (74GB of files and 2.3GB of database)We are selling all data (excluding cp) for 0.1 BTC. Send 0.1 BTC to 14iCDyeCSp12AmhVfJGxtrzXDabFop4QtU and send your transaction id to emailprotected

Many blockchain enthusiasts now think the civil society can reorganize itself and do a better job in protecting its interests via pulling the plug off the Federal State and replacing its system by services that use open source, blockchain established protocols like Ethereum, Eris, Omni Layer among others. Catalyzed by the ardor for challenging chances, progressive characteristics of the blockchain and smart contract technologies in addition to an rebellion displeasure with the present global political systems, decentralization supporters are encouraging citizens to take part in the blockchain revolution and design by themselves their own government process that relies on a distributed consensus instead of on conventional centralization, coercion and hierarchies.

The admins set the forum up to, for semi-standard reasons, only take digital or cryptocurrencies such as Perfect Cash or Bitcoin. The admins, or listing owners, offer clear and precise directions for what to do after buying. In a similar vein, they described—very explicitly—what not to do before creating a ticket.”

The MCC, while frequently used simply as a short-term housing prison while prisoners await national sentencing, epitomized the lack of support depicted in Davis’s appeal And Davis made none of this up; El Chapo, a high profile drug lord, landed there to the night before Donald Trump’s inauguration. This sparked high profile statements about MCC, especially one from Ny Attorney Joshua Dratel. It MCC is worse than Guantanamo It is all about as soul-negating existence as there is in this country in the federal system,” he said.

Bitnation is the first cryptonation that was formed in 2014. It really is regarded the first ever decentralized borderless country that utilizes the blockchain technology. Bitnation provides nearly all the services made available from a normal centralized government including IDs, insurance, marriage certificates and dispute resolutions. On October 5, 2014 Bitnation time-tamped the planet ‘s first blockchain marriage and 5 days after it announced the world’s first blockchain citizenship. Any citizen in the world will get a Bitnation World Citizenship ID.

In accordance with Boland, contrary to other cybercriminals, Chinese hackers have an advantage because they are connected to the Chinese government and have use of military technologies. With this, they might learn how external control systems, security systems, and observation technologies worked. The information got by the cybercriminals could be of interest to the Chinese intelligence services, but could also help the nation ‘s own industry in developing their own systems.

A Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange Via Ethereums Turing

Crypto Currency Decentralized

A high number of cryptocurrency exchanges have experienced cyberattacks that resulted in the loss countless US Dollars worth of bitcoins and altcoins, throughout the previous 4 years. Generally, most cryptocurrency exchanges use centralized servers, where trading occurs, to store and manage digital assets, which renders them highly valuable targets for hackers. Consequently, decentralized exchanges signify ideal choices to protect cryptocurrency exchanges against such cyberattacks.

Hallex is a just introduced trustless exchange platform for various digital assets including cryptocurrencies. Hallex is built at the top of Ethereum’s Turing-complete blockchain. Through combining digital signatures with smart contracts , Hallex applies asset trades’ rules at low latency. Although these rules leave the exchange rather centralized, they do not put trust in any intermediary third parties. This approach integrates the values of central exchanges, including speed and cost, in addition to the benefits of decentralized smart contracts, giving high degrees of security and settlement speed.

What is the thought behind Hallex?

The main idea will be to save the order book on the exchange’s centralized server, yet genuine trades will simply be executed via smart contracts which will demand specific security rules. Practically speaking, a user will just give the exchange permission to perform the minimum actions needed; to purchase/sell X amount of an asset Y at a cost Z within a certain timeframe of T blocks. At the next block, an individual can further revoke this authority whenever wanted. A digital signature is utilized to provide the authorization. This digital signature is validated via way of the smart contract in the following block.

The below figure illustrates the Hallex protocol. Traders A and B exchange 100 of Y shares. The order book is saved on the exchange’s central server which promotes low latency order fitting; nevertheless, the trade’s smart contract is saved about the blockchain which renders the commerce decentralized and trustless.

By using this strategy, the centralized exchange WOn’t have any access into a user’s assets, as smart contracts are used to shop and protect assets all the time. Hence, even whenever exchange becomes subjected to a cyberattack, the assets would stay safe.

Possible Assaults on Hallex and Mitigating Them:

As stated by the protocol illustrated in the above mentioned figure, a malicious exchange can do the following attacks:

a. Delay/garbage orders’ processing

b. Delay/garbage nullified orders

c. Reorder intra-block transactions: Because of the fact that an arrangement is only established when a brand-new block is mined, theoretically, the exchange can re order transactions before they may be stored on the blockchain.

Even though all present exchanges can experience these sorts of attacks, Hallex mitigates them economically; thanks to the transparency provided by the blockchain. To foster transparency, the exchanges must spread trades after two orders are fit. The protocol was made to incentivize exchanges to do so by offering them a reward for each pair of orders matched. The amount of the reward is computed using an exponentially decreasing fee function such as:

f = e-x 0.9 0.1

where x represents the time, in blocks, spent by the exchange to fit two orders and f is the fee collected from discovering a match. Every single order is assigned a starting block number, which determines when this particular order could be processed about the blockchain. If the exchange succeeds in matching the order in this block, it’ll be rewarded with all the most fee. On the other hand, if the order is matched at a certain point later on, according to the above mentioned equation, the fee is going to be exponentially lower depending how many blocks happen to be developed by time the order was matched. As a result, whenever an exchange deliberately delays processing of an order, it will be literally penalized when it comes to collecting lower transaction fees. As such, fair exchanges will soon be consistently maximally incentivized to support immediate processing of orders whenever feasible.

Dream Market | Dream Market Ultimate Darknet Market Review

Dream Market URL Darknet

 Number of Listings 
102,350 Product Listings (Updated 5.30.2017)

 Marketplace URL 

 Official Forum 

 Reddit Group 

Dream Market | What is the Dream Market?

Dream Market is an online black market also known as a Darknet Market that is accessible using a special internet browser called the Tor Browser. Its doors first opened in November of 2013 to the public, making it among the earliest running darknet marketplaces that is still functional. Over the past years the Dream Market has grown its user base of loyal consumers and sellers who prefer total dependability, security and its ease of use. Dream Market, unlike the of most other darknet marketplaces, the Dream Market administrator doesn’t presently enable its customers to buy or sell weapons of any sort.

Dream Market URL | How to Access the Dream Market

The Dream Market link is http://lchudifyeqm4ldjj.onion/?ai=2502947670

You must download the TOR browser in order to access the link above.  By making use of the Tor Browser you can easily access the Dream Market. On establishing the Tor Browser here, you’ll locate an easy to follow movie guide. Follow the movie guide to understand use and how to get the desire marketplace anonymously and securely.



Young Austrian man arrested for 250g of “High Purity” Amphetamine

Darknet Amphetamine

In late 2016, 24-year old male from Bad Ischl in Upper Austria caught the attention of the all seeing eye of Customs officials in the Frankfurt airport. Authorities only intercepted, by chance, a package of amphetamine headed straight for the guy, bearing his name. Authorities from Customs in Frankfurt sent word of the bundle seizure to law enforcement in Austria and an arrest happened soon following a home hunt.

They understood the amphetamine that Customs intercepted weighed more than an amount for private use. Customs carried on together with the investigation—or at least their ending of the investigation—and analyzed the amphetamine. The amphetamine bundle weighed in at 250 kilograms and, according to chemical tests, was of a higher level of purity. (Note: several sources reported 75-g seizures not the first “quarter-kilogram” amount. Another source maintained Customs got a 280 kilogram bundle instead of 250)

The Wels public prosecutor issued an arrest warrant with haste. In the defendant’s house and surrounding property, the police discovered drugs, a firearm, transport supplies, and cash. The house investigation resulted in the discovery of amphetamines, cocaine, as well as a cannabis strain grow functioning,” Jrgen Pachner from the Krone said. Throughout the home hunt in Bad Ischl, researchers also found a 3,000 Euros, a taser, and a ‘petrol pistol,”‘ According to police records, after Austrian authorities found the guy’s actions, they raided his house.

Through that same September, authorities in Austria inquired the 24-year old. Alleged in a strictly technical sense; the young man all but voluntarily supplied law enforcement with signs of everything. Local news outlets described the defendant was doomed” with no thought otherwise. After almost half-a-year of investigations and bureaucratic loose ends, authorities declared a court date for the alleged trafficker. Details encircling his standing as a seller stay uncertain, though.

The 24-year old admitted , on the scene, to his offenses in bulk. Police detained him and brought him to the police department for question as well as the built-in incarceration. The defendant subsequently declared that he bought bundles to the darknet and resold them. That he sold drugs, the drugs, cash, and prohibited weapons belonged to him, and so forth. News outlets reported that he used the drugs to feed his own habit and that he sold them again – on the darknet. Up to now, only reports of real life trades have surfaced. His forthcoming hearing will show the others.

Bitcoin Blender Tutorial | How to use a Bitcoin Tumbler

Bitcoin Blender Tutorial


Bitcoin Blender URL (Free to Register) http://bitblendervrfkzr.onion/?r=40794

What is Bitcoin Tumbling?

Bitcoin tumbling is the method of mixing pieces of your bitcoins with other peoples bitcoins.  This adds an additional layer of privacy to your bitcoins and transactions by making it more difficult to track on the block chain.  There are several bitcoin tumbling services available but the most popular and trusted of those bitcoin tumbling services is Bitcoin Blender.  Without using a bitcoin tumbling service such as Bitcoin Blender you can still be traced to the transactions you have made online with your bitcoin.


How to use Bitcoin Blender Bitcoin Tumbling Service

Step 1.) Finding the Bitcoin Blender Service Website

First make sure you have the Tor Browser downloaded and installed on your computer.  If you havnt already done so you can follow the video tutorial here.  Once that is completed follow this link to register for a free Bitcoin Blender account.  If you are using Tor to view this website you can click on the link directly, or if on a regular browser copy and paste this link into the Tor Browser URL Bar.  http://bitblendervrfkzr.onion/?r=40794

Once you arrive at the Bitcoin Blender website you will notice a few tabs on the top.  The last two are “Register” and “Quick Mix”.  Quick Mix is a interesting feature that allows you to quickly and easily mix your bitcoins without registering for a Bitcoin Blender account.  But for the sake of this tutorial we will click on the “Register”.

Bitcoin Blender URL


Step 2.) Creating your Bitcoin Blender Account

Now that you are on the register page you can go ahead and create a Bitcoin Blender account by filling in the blank text fields.  As with Darknet Markets, we suggest picking a username that you have never used before as well as a long, difficult and original password.  Make sure to either memorize your log in credentials or store them in a safe place.  If you happen to lose your log in credentials Bitcoin Blender can not help you access your account and you will lose any bitcoins stored in that Bitcoin Blender wallet.

Bitcoin Blender Register


Step 3.) Sending your Bitcoins to Bitcoin Blender

If you would like you can add another layer of security be clicking the profile tab and setting up a PGP Public Key for Two Factor Authentication.  The profile page is also where you can change your current password.  However in most cases your account will be fine as long as you use a strong password from the beginning.  

If you do not want to set up a 2FA and are happy with your current password go ahead and navigate to the “Deposit” tab.  In order to use Bitcoin Blender you will need to deposit your bitcoins from your wallet or AlphaBay Market wallet to your Bitcoin Blender account.  On this deposit page you should see the bitcoin address you will send your bitcoins to.  If you do not see the address or would like to generate a fresh address you can click the button that says “Get new deposit address” and it will instantly generate a new address for you.  This is the address you will send your bitcoins to so double check to make sure its correct.  If you send your bitcoins to a different address you may lose them forever.

You can now go ahead and send the bitcoins you would like to mix to the Bitcoin Blender Deposit key.  It may take 15 minutes to an hour for your coins to appear in your Bitcoin Blender account.  Most users claim it takes about 20 to 30 minutes on average.  To see if your bitcoins are in your Bitcoin Blender account you can refresh the page.  If the bitcoins are available you will see them in the balance displayed at the top of the page next to your user name.

Bitcoin Blender does collect a random fee between 1% and 3% of your deposited bitcoins total value.  Small price to pay for a crucial layer of protection.

Optional: AFTER the bitcoins have appeared in your Bitcoin Blender account you can delete your deposit address by clicking the X next to that address.  This is optional, however many people use a fresh address every time they send funds to their Bitcoin Blender account.

Bitcoin Blender Deposit Form


Step 4.) Withdrawing your Tumbled Bitcoins to your Bitcoin Wallet

Once your balance shows your deposited bitcoins are available we can go ahead and move on to the final step, withdrawing your clean/tumbled bitcoins. Go ahead and click the “Withdraw” tab.

On the withdraw page you will see two depositing options.  The top one allows you to immediately withdraw your tumbled bitcoins to your wallet while the bottom option is the Automatic Withdraw.  The Automatic Withdraw allows you to set you one or more withdraw addresses and Bitcoin Blender will automatically send your tumbled bitcoins four times a day at random time intervals.  For this tutorial we will use the top option.

Bitcoin Blender offers a few important optional features to provide an overall safer and more anonymous transaction by eliminating any footprints you may leave behind.  Since its possible to trace the bitcoin address of a single transaction we highly recommend using these additional features.  These additional features are timed deposits and the option to use up to ten different withdraw addresses.

First go to your personal bitcoin wallet and generate 6 to 10 different receiving addresses to send your tumbled bitcoins from Bitcoin Blender.  Once that is finished go ahead and copy and paste all of the address into the Bitcoin Blender making sure there is only one address per line.  Using multiple addresses makes it extremely difficult, if not impossible to trace your bitcoins.  Then in the Bitcoin Blender enter in the amount of bitcoins you would like to transfer to your personal bitcoin wallet.  Now fill out the 2 text fields in the Randomized Delay section.  Randomized Delays is the third and equally important security option the Bitcoin Blender provides and allows you to send your bitcoins to your wallet with a random amount of time between each withdraw.  Each number equals one hour so if you are sending your bitcoins to 6 bitcoin receiving addresses, enter 1 in the first box and 5 in the second box it will send a portion of the bitcoins to your wallet 6 different times with 1 to 5 hours in-between each withdraw.  We feel that 0-1 hour is sufficient in most cases.

Bitcoin Blender to Bitcoin Wallet

Once the randomized delays and withdraw addresses have been entered and double checked for accuracy you can go ahead and click the “Send Bitcoins” button.  Your bitcoins will now begin withdrawing from Bitcoin Blender and appearing in your personal Bitcoin wallet.  Your bitcoins have now been fully tumbled and are safe to use or withdraw without the risk of tying you to your transaction history.

Bitcoin Blender Final Conclusion

As you can see Bitcoin Blender remains the most popular bitcoin tumbler due to its simplicity, accuracy, low cost and important security features that help keep your bitcoin history private.  This is why we only recommend our readers to use Bitcoin Blender.


HANSA Market | Darknet Market Information

Hansa Market Darknet

HANSA Market | Darknet Market Information

Darknet Market Status? Online

 Number of Listings 
43,235 Product Listings (Updated 5.30.2017)

 Marketplace URL

 Official Forum 

HANSA Market | Overall: 4.5

HANSA Market is one of the newer Darknet Markets, yet they have quickly shot straight to the top in popularity and not without reason.  After our team reviewed this website pixel by pixel and researched what darknet market enthusiasts had to say about it we quickly learned why HANSA is on the fast track to becoming one of the main contenders.  HANSA Market isn’t your typical “run of the mill” marketplace.  The entire website offers a plethora of reasons that touts its quick success.  HANSA Market offers a multitude of strong protection to safe guard vendors, buyers and their bitcoins, even going as far to claim they are Exit Scam proof as long as everyone follows the site rules.  HANSA Market also goes the extra mile to provide incredible information, tutorials and guides on how their entire market works, how to use PGP encryption, how to use bitcoin and more.  So here is our honest and ultimate review on the new popular darknet market known as HANSA Market.

HANSA Market Review | Listings: 3.5

HANSA Market currently has a little more than 13,000 listings at the time of this review.  While it may be over shadowed by AlphaBay’s 100,000+ listings Hansa’s listing number has more than tripled since last November.  At that current rate the percentage of listings is growing well faster than many other contenders in the darknet market scene and will most not show signs of slowing down anytime soon.  While the low number of listings may turn off some shoppers and vendors alike, it’s that other incredible features that make the Hansa Market.

HANSA Market Review | Security: 5

We rate HANSA Market a PERFECT score in terms of overall security.  This is one of those things that make HANSA Market such a eye catcher for those looking to check something different than the current Darknet Market kings.  The list of security features Hansa has put in place is not only impressive, it’s the foundation on which the entire site is built.


This little snippet of information is directly from the HANSA Market admins themselves and can be found on their about us section.  But how exactly can a Darknet Market become exit scam proof?

Hansa Market further explains in their about section about their exit scam proofing setup.

“Most markets operate the same: Blindly deposit money into your account, wait for confirmations and then make the purchase. Note that the Bitcoin price might have changed while you were waiting for your deposit to arrive and you have to deposit more Bitcoins and wait even longer. We approached this a little different. On HANSA you do not have to deposit Bitcoins before your purchase. Every order is simply a Bitcoin transaction in itself.

In the event of an absolute worst case scenario (hack, LE involvement) which makes it impossible for us to come back online, we will release the private key of our address that is being used for every vendor-(-buyer)-HANSA multisig wallet.

In case nobody of our team is able to access the site for 30 days a dead man switch will auto sign all open transactions.” – HANSA Market

While this is by far the best security feature it is far from the only one.  Here is a short list of the other various security features HANSA Market offers to protect their users.

  • Multi-Signature Escrow
  • No FE (finalize early)
  • Advanced Dispute System
  • Trusted Vendor Badges
  • Multi-Sig Wallets
  • Tiered Vendor Deposits

As you can see the admins behind HANSA Market take security as a highest priority.  Hansa Market has even made it clear that they absolutely do not allow Finalizing Early and encourage users to report any vendors requesting an FE.  FE has become a popular option on other markets and many vendors refuse to go any other route due to issues with darknet markets pulling major exit scams and vanishing with all the bitcoin stored in escrow.  Though with the Multi-Sig Escrow system exit scams are not a concern for users of the HANSA Market.

HANSA Market Review | Features and Design: 5

Another perfect score for the HANSA Market lies within the overall design, functionality and features of their website.  HANSA Market has a professional design and is by far one of the easiest darknet markets to navigate, even for the most novice of users.  This, along with their security are two major priorities the developers had when building the Hansa Market.  The top bar of the site has some of the most important tabs including a direct link to their forum while the categories page is simplified and works like traditional darknet sites.  Another key feature that stuck out was how impressive the search function works.

Browsing the HANSA Market is incredibly easy, fast and visually striking. As soon as you select any category you will be greeted with a stunning layout consisting of a column of vendors along with all the vital information a savvy shopper would want.  Trusted level, bulk prices, experience rating and more are available without the need to click directly on the listing itself.

There a two snippets of information available about the vendors of HANSA Market.  The Trusted badge and the experience level.  The experience level are given to both vendors and seller in order to instill additional trust for each side.  Here is how HANSA Market’s Level and Experience System works according to their support section.

“HANSA’s Level and Experience System

You get awarded experience points (EXP) for certain market events like finalized orders, feedback, forum upvotes and user referrals. The higher your EXP the higher your level. Vendors benefit from a higher level in the form of a higher reputation and lower market fees and buyers also gain reputation. In the future we are planning on allowing vendors to set up listings that only buyers with a certain level can buy.” – Hansa Market Support Section
HANSA Market Experience and Levels

Some of the other reasons behind HANSA Market’s perfect score is their extremely in depth support section feature professionally written tutorials explaining bitcoin, bitblenders, site features and more! Well done HANSA Market.

HANSA Market Review | Final Thoughts

If you’re all about ensuring the finest security when it comes to darknet shopping than look no further than HANSA Market.  They are a fine choice for an albeit newer marketplace and in our opinion one of the best we have seen.  We expect to see Hansa Market’s popularity continue to sky rocket and if one of the big marketplaces shuts down or exit scams we’d be willing to bet HANSA would quickly take its place.  Secure, Feature Rich, Well Designed and easy to navigate, all of which are done to perfection by the HANSA Market.

You can check out HANSA Market for yourself by copy and pasting the link below into your Tor Browser.




Hansa Market Overall Author Rating


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New Tool Checks to Ensure Darknet Sites Are Truly Anonymous

Scan Darknet Websites

Websites on the so-called dark web are created to protect the anonymity of both their owners and visitors. Plenty of administrators make mistakes in setting them up, often leading to the server’s genuine IP address being leaked, or they might leave identifying metadata in files uploaded to the site.

Now, a scientist has established a custom-made tool for immediately scanning Tor hidden services for a variety of problems and vulnerabilities, meaning any individual, from dark web drug lords to people hosting whistle-blowing platforms, can make sure that their site really is safeguarded.

“I want anonymity tools to be the very best; there are people whose lives depend upon them,” Sarah Jamie Lewis, the independent security scientist who came up with the tool, told Motherboard in an encrypted chat.

However, what I also found was many, many sites failing basic security practices like the above. So many that I started to write a tool to help me catalog them—and this is where the tool came from,” Lewis said. “If so may of those sites are failing themselves and their users, I am willing to bet so are anonymous political blogs and other users who desperately need the anonymity.

“OnionScan,” as the program is called, checks sites for issues that may unmask servers or determine their owners. That may be an open server status page, which enables any individual to see what other sites are being hosted by the exact same individual. Or there might be metadata in images on the site, revealing GPS collaborates of where they were taken. The first variation of OnionScan will be released this weekend, Lewis said.

“While doing some research study earlier this year I kept coming across the very same issues in concealed services– exposed Apache status pages, images not removed of exif information, pages exposing details about the tools utilized to develop it with, etc.

It works “quite much the like any web security scanner, just tailored for deanonymization vectors,” she continued.

OnionScan is not subtle. “It deserves keeping in mind that the software is noisy; it requires to make a number of demands to download images and files,” Lewis said. “It stands out like a sore thumb in logs.”.

Lewis started her research study with dark web markets, assuming that they would have developed some cool security functions. The marketplace AlphaBay has actually made it necessary for suppliers to use two-factor authentication.

Other scientists have formerly reported quite major issues with how concealed services have actually been configured. UK-based Thomas White discovered the IP address of the now-defunct Kiss Market, in addition to that of a dark web scams market. In June of last year, White asserted to have actually collected details on more than 500 sites, and the IP addresses of eight.

In future updates, Lewis’ tool will also pull other potentially recognizing data, such as PGP keys and comparing the different software used to generate them.

“OnionScan,” as the program is called, checks sites for problems that may unmask servers or determine their owners. That may be an open server status page, which permits anyone to see exactly what other websites are being hosted by the exact same individual. Or there might be metadata in images on the website, revealing GPS collaborates of where they were taken. In June of last year, White asserted to have collected info on more than 500 websites, and the IP addresses of 8.

Caliconnect, 18th Largest Darknet Vendor Busted in California

Caliconnect Busted Darknet Market Dealer

March 29, 2016 – A 38-year-old Merced man has just been apprehended on charges of selling cocaine and cannabis on darknet marketplaces, including the Silk Road, the United States Department of Justice announced Tuesday.

When investigators searched Reddit and other public sites for “caliconnect,” he discovered remarks and testimonials from people who had actually ordered marijuana from the dark-web supplier utilizing that very same username.

Homeland Security Investigations explained “caliconnect” as a marijuana vendor, with sales of over $1.4 million on the now-defunct Silk Road. They also estimate that Caliconnect was the 18th largest vendor on the Darknet Markets.

“Darknet markets are operated on computer networks created to hide the real Web Protocol addresses of the computer systems utilizing the network” authorities stated.

Such marketplaces permit payments to be made just in the form of digital currency, most frequently in Bitcoin.

“While not inherently illegal, digital currency is used by dark-web marketplaces because online transactions in digital currency can be completed without a third-party payment processor and are therefore perceived to be more anonymous and less vulnerable to law enforcement scrutiny,” Wagner said.

David Ryan Burchard, using the moniker “Caliconnect,” was a “major narcotics vendor on the Silk Road and other dark-web marketplaces,” including Agora, Abraxas, and AlphaBay, U.S. Attorney Benjamin Wagner said in a news release.

Burchard is implicated of accepting orders for cannabis and drug on dark-web marketplaces and sending by mail the narcotics from post offices in Merced and Fresno County to his customers throughout the United States. He was paid mostly in Bitcoin, the Justice Department stayed.

Federal authorities say Burchard’s operation was worth more than $1.4 million prior to the website was shut down, explaining him as “one of the largest vendors on the Silk Road.”.

Authorities say Burchard transferred his narcotics company to Agora then to AlphaBay, which are other dark-web marketplaces, when the Silk Road website was turned off.

The examination was carried out by U.S. Migration and Customs Enforcement’s Homeland Security Investigations, the Irs’s Lawbreaker Examination office, the United States Postal Inspection Service and the Fresno Authorities Department, with assistance from attorney Anitha Ibrahim of the U.S. Department of Justice’s Computer Crimes and Copyright Section.