Tuesday, March 26, 2019

TradeRoute | Darknet Market

TradeRoute Darknet Market

[Total: 2    Average: 4/5]

 TradeRoute Invite URL:  http://traderouteilbgzt.onion/?r=pnDfd
 TradeRoute Forum:  http://tradeforumzkw4bk.onion/
 Number of Listings:  8,632
 Security Features:  Mulisig, 2FA, Escrow, Vendor PGP
 Vendor Bond:  $100 USD

TradeRoute is yet another newer Darknet Market making a name for itself.  Albeit it a new market place, user reviews across the clearnet show it’s users are very satisfied with the overall market setup and features that the TradeRoute offers. TradeRoute has your commonplace extra security measures such as 2FA, Multisig and forced Vendor PGP, but the what makes this market stand out is its sleek look, fast loading pages and easy to navigate layout.

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